Dear Computer freaks and DOSians;

Working with computers is sometimes a very grey job.

Sometimes this does not work, often that does not work, sometimes a driver does not function or the hardware "gives up the ghost".

For this reason I have chosen a grey background for this site. I hope this site will be useful to you if you plan to create your own bootable CD to help you get your system running again. Such a CD has a lot of advantages: it cannot become infected by viruses, it has much more space than a diskette and ... and ... and ...

Most of the site is created and with exception of the "FULL CD" up to date. I hope to create a "FULL CD" for the site installation disk as soon as possible, but creating a new CD is a lot of work. I hope to offer a lot of good DOS or Windows Freeware or Shareware which will help you to get your system running again.

If you find software on my website that has to be registered don`t hesitate to inform me. You can send me an e-mail. I will remove this software immediately. Willy-Billy doesn`t want any problems with big Bill or any other company.


Sincerely Yours,


March 2006