The Concept:

The basic concept for the bootable CD is very simple (although it sounds complicated):

The bootable CD is made of a startdiskette and a "CD-part". These two parts are made separately (the startdiskette on a diskette, the "CD-part" on a harddrive). When burning you add these two parts by choosing the option "Bootable CD" in your burning software.

The startdiskette calls config.sys and autoexec.bat while booting. In config.sys it is decided if the menue.bat or the noemm386.bat or nohimem.bat will be started later. In autoexec.bat you fix the CD-ROM drive to the drive letter W: (or X, Y or Z). Depending on the call in config.sys autoexec.bat chooses between the file menue.bat or noemm386.bat or nohimem.bat at the "CD-part" of the later CD.

Lite Version:

The file menue.bat at the "CD-part" calls the file go.bat at the directory MENUE\MENUE_A till MENUE\MENUE_W (depending on the letter you have chosen). The "go.bat" file (which is in each directory) calls the program you want. By doing it this way you have the possibility to choose between 22 programs.

Example: You choose the letter B at the menue.bat. This action calls W:\MENUE\MENUE_B\go.bat at the CD which will start the program you want. (Of course you first have to install the program and to modify the go.bat.)

For programs which have problems with EMM386 you have a noemm386.bat and corresponding the directory NOEMM386\NO_EMM_A till NOEMM386\NO_EMM_W. For programs which need no EMM386- and HIMEM.SYS you have a nohimem.bat and corresponding the directory NOHIMEM\NO_HIM_A till NOHIMEM\NO_HIM_W. These two batch-files start depending on your choice at config.sys.

Thats all.

You can download the installation diskette with the files menue.bat and examples for go.bat at Installation disk - Frame Lite .

b) Full Version:

The file menue.bat (or noemm386.bat or nohimem.bat) at the "CD-part" calls (depending on which first and second letter you have chosen) a jumping point at menue.bat which calls the file go.bat at the corresponding directory (in about the same directory structure as at the example of the Lite solution - the only difference: there are 22x22 = 484 directories / subdirectories instead of only 22 directories). You only have to add the name of your program at the file menue.txt or noemm386.txt or nohimem.txt and to modify the correct go.bat.

Thats all.

You can download the installation diskette with the files menue.bat, and examples for go.bat at Installation disk - Frame Full .