How it began:

My first website was a site with pictures of our teddy bears. You can still find them at:

A long time later I created a more modern version of the teddy bears website. You find it at:

Meanwhile there also exists a website with pictures of our "selfhunted" bears. The pictures were taken in Canada. You can visit them at:

Of course all this websites have an english translation. If you find failures, please inform me.

You can come in contact with Grumbler family and all teddy bears and cuddle toys (sorry - not with the big bears - we forgot to ask them for their e-mail-adress) by the following e-mail-adress:

If you have any wishes, improvements and so on don`t hesitate to send me an e-mail. I will try to do my best.

We hope you enjoyed this website.

Please visit us again.

Your teddy bear fan and -friend

As well as Willy-Billy, Smokey and the whole lot.